16 March 2018

Y'know, sometimes this gal wants to just dress casual. Like, pretty darn casual. I mean, it was freezing cold outside when I shot this (pre snow I must admit) so I thought I'd layer this mega babe of a h&m top under a classic white shirt. I'm not normally a huge lover of a white shirt (and that's mainly because I'm too damn lazy to iron) but I really love the deep cuffs and slightly longer length of this one from Stradivarius. It's quite light weight so would be perffff in summer with a leather skirt for a night out with the girls or, pop it under a jumper for the current climate and you're good to go. I guess I should really think about rebooting my shirt-drobe, I need some more versatile, 'staple' pieces. 

I'm currently in the midst of a much needed denim reboot. I've been living in straight legs for a while, after my beloved American Apparel jeans finally gave up the fight, so I am very much ready to fall back in love with skinny jeans again. I also want to buy some new vintage denim, y'know a trusty pair of Levi's 501's to be precise, as I always love the wash. Finding the right pair can be a bit of a nightmare but once you find the right pair, they're in a whole league of their own. I've not massively experienced the denim world that's out there - considering I practically live in jeans - and I'd love for you to recommend me some different brands you think are worth looking into. I've heard really good thinks about Weekday and & Other Stories, so I'll maybe give them a visit. But, in the mean time, these trusty Topshop mom jeans are staying firmly attached. 

I find this time of a year a bit of a ball ache pain to dress for. It's sunny but there's bitter winds and before you know it, it's raining AGAIN. I don't know why I'm so shocked by that fact but, I guess that's also why I'm starting to look into layering a whole lot more. I'm really enjoying playing around with lengths too - y'know a long sleeve body under a short sleeve tee or a roll neck under a v-neck. I personally think layering adds that extra bit of interest, but what do YOU think? 

What, I guess, I'm trying to get at is the fact we should all experiment a bit more. Layering is a super easy way to add a focus or pops of colour to an outfit (or just to add a base layer so you don't freeze your tits off!) 



9 March 2018

Before I go all guns blazing into this post, I've decided to break it down into sections or individual points if you will. I could probably list a few more reasons why I love charity shops but here's three for you to feast your eyes on. Let me know what you think! 

Of course, the suit I'm wearing in this post is from a charity shop, but I'll link some similar AND some other mega striped suit options at the bottom of the post! You're welcome ;)

I guess we should start with the obvious hey? Everything you buy is all going to a good cause.  By going into a charity shop and spending your hard earned cash, not only bags you an new item of clothing for a fraction of the price but you could help save someone's life. Regardless as to how little you spend, as Tesco would say, every little helps. 

Now I know high street brands are the easiest place to visit for 'on trend' pieces to add to your wardrobe but, what about ignoring 'on trend' and picking up some key basics or the odd jazzy shirt?
With that said, I guess there's a couple of ways that shopping second hand can be a bit of a challenge. 

First, finding something you even like, without it looking like it's from your nan's wardrobe (unless you like that because if so that is TOTALLY fine), can be difficult. There's also the issue of sizing y'know? You might find something you really want but its too big/small - I guess it's always better for it to be bigger as at least you can then get it taken in. I've done this numerous times! 

Another thing to consider is the time element. It's not often you'll find many charity shops that are merchandised in the same way - some are colour blocked whilst others are just in categories, in size order - so it can be a time consuming process to actually hunt through things properly, you just have to get rummaging. 

One thing you'll often see bloggers do is the £x outfit challenge. A budget is set (ie. £20) and they have to spend that amount (and no more) on items to create an entire outfit. Why not try the same principle here? It's a great idea if you're watching your money or are looking for something more *unusual* lets just say. Forget £20 on a top - for that price you're more likely to get several items. 

Not long ago I ventured into my local British Heart Foundation to see some Stella McCartney Elyse platforms. It's safe to say I was totally and utterly heartbroken to find out they were a UK 4. I mean, I'm a generic UK 6 and considered all sorts of ways for me to possibly fit my feet into them but it just wasn't meant to be. Shoutout to whoever got those bad boys because they were an absolute BARGAIN compared to the retail price! Nonetheless, I've had some absolutely amazing pieces at  crazy prices over the years. 

If anything I hope this has inspired you at least a little to venture into your local charity shop. You'll be surprised as to what you might find! And, if you do find anything, I'd love to hear what you get! 

Charlotte x


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