18 February 2018 Birmingham, UK

Good Morning you lovely bunch. I'm currently sat here totally pretending like it's not the evening and like I'm not typing this whilst the weather is dull outside. I've had a pretty hectic week but nonetheless, still itching to get some writing done when I've come home. It's funny isn't it how you can be shattered and still have the energy to do something you want to do? It's like when you're 'really full' after eating dinner yet there's still room for desert...

I've really been enjoying my commute to work (minus the ridiculously early alarm) as it gives me some times to read or write blog posts. Sounds cliche but sitting still and watching the world go by has my mind spinning with ideas that my hand can't write down quick enough - Yes, I'm old school and mostly write my posts down in a notebook first. One thing I love about writing things down is that I feel like I'm allowing my mind to just flow onto a page. Do you ever get that feeling? I find in therapeutic in a sense - like I said, a release. I mean, occasionally you're surrounded by people who are staring aimlessly at you thinking 'what the hell are you writing?' OR you get the person who sits next to you and gets so close you're left with zero personal space, but I think that's part of it. It's knocks you (literally) and makes you stop to think a little more about what you're writing down. Whether it be writing a blog post or just writing down your thoughts, it feels good doesn't it? I get so carried away but I feel like blog post ideas are coming to me a lot more naturally than they used to. It's amazing what a little bit of time to yourself can really trigger in your mind. 

Now I work Monday - Friday, I feel like I really need to plan my time as much as possible. I want some 'me' time and time to relax but, I also want time to knuckle down and get some blog things done. I'm currently thinking of a bit of a redesign but in the mean time I just want to crack on with some good old content. Can you tell this train commute is really filling my mind with ideas? Honestly, I feel SO motivated at the moment and when those times come, you just gotta let 'em flow! 
With all of that said, at the weekend I went and shot some looks for the first time in what feels like forever. One thing I love about taking blog photos is actually exploring the city - there's so many streets I've not walked down or buildings I've not seen. It's crazy considering I've lived here four or five years. One thing I do find though is that outfit choices don't always come naturally to me but when some new pieces are thrown into the mix, it always gets me thinking! *Queue new blazer and -tshirt* from Tobi.

I bloody LOVE blazers and I don't wear them enough if I'm totally honest - mainly because I'm a lazy dresser and also because I'd feel overdressed wearing one at work (my office has a casual dress code, much to my joy! And no, that wasn't sarcasm). I feel like it's one of those items you put on and you just feel a million dollars. It also has an open cuff without any buttons so perfect for if you want to jazz it up a little with some fancy jewellery or a dressy watch for an evening. You feel powerful wearing a blazer, or at least I hope you do, and they make you look like you've made far more effort than you have - what more do you want? 

I chose to style mine as I would on a day to day basis; nice and simple with a graphic t-shirt, jeans and my beloved Dr Martens. Just a note on sizing - I went for a size up in both blazer and t-shirt as I wanted them to be an oversized fit. If you want it a bit more fitted, take your normal size! 


Charlotte x


Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Tobi. As per, all views and opinions are 100% my own. 


22 January 2018 Birmingham, UK

Throughout the blogging world we’re forever told to ‘find our unique selling point’ (USP) or find what makes us stand out amongst the rest. In an industry that’s full to the brim of INCREDIBLE content creators and (I hate this word but I shall use it this once) ~ influencers ~ it’s hard to make yourself stand out or find that USP.

For so long I have tried to get into words/thoughts/images what could make me stand out but, quite frankly, my mind always struck blank. (It’s not to say I don’t have faith in my own abilities or ideas, it’s just that the world is full of talented people and it shouldn’t be a competition we use to claw our way to the top). I tried to think of how I could determine my style in terms of a label or a category that may help but the more I thought about it, the more and more I realised that I don’t really ‘fit in’ to anything. I don’t think many people, or anyone in fact, can solely say they fit into one style category. That would be like trying to define my music taste (which is pretty bloody eclectic and weird) in ONE genre.

Taking a prime example from my music taste; one day I’m listening to Bon Iver on loop but, the following day I’m listening to the likes of Paramore, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and even Daughter. A total pick and mix, if you will. That too is how I feel about my style and my wardrobe.

When I went to the interview for my current job they asked me about designers or styles of clothing I like and I just sounded like I was listing all the brands I knew. I genuinely mentioned the fact that I majorly vary day-to-day. On a Monday morning I might be super minimal wearing all black; the next day I’ll be in a pink and red stripe jumper teamed with a mustard beret and a huge faux fur coat...

So my point here is this - me picking or defining my style would be impossible. You could ask me every day of the week and everyday my answer would vary due to 1) the weather 2) how I’m feeling that day or 3) the music that I’ve listened to on my journey to work.

think hope you totally get where I’m coming from here and the point I’m trying to make...

I think it’s taken me a little while to actually write this post, because I was trying to figure out how to write it. Then I’ve slowly started to realise that not fitting into a category or a style of dress isn’t entirely a bad thing. Maybe, that in itself is a selling point? You know, “a twenty-something year old, that’s experimenting with the way she dresses because she’s not really sure what she wants to wear” - that kind of vibe.

At some point, sooner or late, I might find a style of dress I love and stick to. But, until then, I’ll keep on experimenting and stick to being weird. I’ll keep on working on the fact that I don’t fit in to a category and that’s okay.


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