16 December 2017

Not so long ago - more than likely whilst stood freezing on the train platform - I was reminiscing about my holiday earlier in the year. I wasn't thinking about anything in particular (maybe I was just hoping the thought of warmth would make me actually feel it a little) but merely thinking of a time of year where I feel a bit more self confident.

When you suffer from eczema, winter is the enemy and sun? the best friend.
But, it's not only my eczema that really affects my mood.

Waking up in a morning, when it's still dark, can really rain on your parade (quite literally) and that's something I'm trying to change. When thinking about summer, as lame as it sounds, it really brings me a sense of happiness. I know it's something that a lot of people suffer from - 'it' being winter blues - and don't get me wrong, I'm not self diagnosing here, but it's definitely something i've noticed myself feeling around this time of year. 

Summer brings out the best in me - less stress, better skin and all round a sense of better well being. I love the warmer weather and always will, but that's not to say I'm not trying to embrace the cold a little more. This winter I've tried to buy pieces I love and experiment with a bit more colour to lift me up a little. 

As much as I wish it were summer all the time, so I could walk around in denim shorts 24/7, there's something extremely cosy about the winter weather that I do enjoy. 

Do any of you get this feeling? Or is it just me...

ps. I can't find my top online but below i've linked some other floral blouses you might like!




25 November 2017 Birmingham, UK

I've finally found a job I'm very excited to sink my teeth into and also something that is very much routed in my heart. Menswear has been, and always will be, my passion and it's something I plan on chasing to the ends of the earth. Which is why i'm SO happy to share with you all that I've been offered a new role as an Assistant Designer! This new chapter of my life could spark big change and it's something I'm really excited for. I'll have my evenings back, and also my weekends (so I can spend time with my nearest and dearest) and hopefully start to feel a little more self-fulfilled. It's easy to become 'comfortable' with your current situation and it's something I've very much experienced. 

Stepping outside the world that is retail is a daunting prospect, especially when it's something i've unfortunately become very used to. When I posted my 'where have I been?' post a lot of you responded and said that I shouldn't feel alone when sitting in a bit of a life rut and after that response, I most definitely felt supported by all of you so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. However, it left me wondering what other contributing factors also added to my delicate mental state at that time. 

As I said, it's daunting stepping outside my comfort zone or something i'm used to, but it's a challenge  and one i'm more than willing to face. For SO long I have craved routine and working in retail has in no way helped that. For days, months, weeks I have craved what would seem to many as a normal life; working Monday - Friday 9-5 or at least working more regulated hours so I can plan my free time more efficiently. 

That factor ties heavily into my personal life and also my mental health. For so long after I finished university, I worked scattered shifts and the little free time I had, didn't align with anybody else's, which is why I have craved so much for change. 

I've worked SO hard to make this happen and I'm suuuuper excited to start what could potentially be a new chapter of my life. I very much looking forward to sharing some of that chapter with you all and seeing where this adventure takes me but for now, wish me luck! 

Are any of you starting a new job soon? Or have you recently started a new position? I'd love to hear from any of you in a similar position!

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