15 July 2013

(images taken from COS online shop)

COS short-sleeved seam shirt - £17
COS metallic knit top - £16

so, after browsing endlessly at sales, i've finally ordered two items that i just couldn't let go. for £16 and £17, you can't really go wrong (especially when the original prices combined come a little short of £100.) 

COS (collection of style) is actually part of the H&M group. it's simple, minimal and chic designs are faultless. designs are traditional with a modern twist so nothing's really going to go 'out of fashion.' it's fashion forward and definitely the type of shop where you pay that little bit more, but you pay for the quality. sure, the price tags are sometimes a little steeper than others, but items are going to last a hell of a lot longer. 

have any of you shopped in COS before? what have you all been buying?

also, check out my shop if you like, selling a few things and i'll slowly be adding some more items to it.

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