1 August 2013

marie claire runway a/w 13
dr martens in grey felt
levi's 501 shorts (similar here)

here we are in august. this year is absolutely flying by. so anyway, i thought i'd show you a few of my july favourites :)

being a fashion student, magazines like this are SO helpful. from street style and reviews of various fashion weeks, this magazine is full to the brim of eye opening work and design. it's a really great reference tool for inspirations and help with research when creating your own designs. for £6, the price tag isn't too heavy!

shoes will always be a favourite of mine, regardless of season. working in a shoe shop doesn't exactly help... my dr martens are so comfortable, you may have seen them in my first ever post. my juju jelly shoes are perfect for the summery weather the UK has been having recently and they're definitely coming to spain with me.

the american apparel jacket is a simple design with a really nice houndstooth, jacquard detail. i actually got it a while ago for around £20 in their sale but, it looks like they've put the price back up. however, there's lots of other colours that are reduced too!

for summer, you can't really go wrong with any pair of shorts (especially levi's.) you can throw them on with pretty much anything and they still manage to look amazing! these are a must while the weather is going in our favour. you can see them in my last outfit post here.

this shampoo and conditioner combination is amazing. i've never found a nicer smelling shampoo and it really does leave your hair feeling refreshed. the conditioner, similar to the shampoo, has quite a nice smell. i have really thin hair, so the conditioner actually weighs my hair down rather than making it thicker. on the plus side, my hair has never felt so soft! if you have the chance i would definitely recommend both of these.

let me know what you think! what are your favourites from last month? do you have any products similar to these? 

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  1. I love the juju jelly shoes. Definitely want to buy myself a pair before summer ends.

    Check out my blog: fashkiller.blogspot.com

  2. Hi!! follow each other? let me know!!


  3. Love your July favorites especially the Catwalk hydrating shampoo. My hair needs that! :)

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin', hope you could follow me back so we could keep in touch! <3


  4. Cute jacket!


  5. you have a nice blog dear! mind to check out mine? maybe we can follow each other :)


  6. Ah great post. Love that AA jacket, I saw it in the sale the other week and was so tempted but couldn't bring myself to get it as I'd just bought a jacket that day. Love your jujus too :)
    Lucia's Loves


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