19 August 2013

  (photography by beth squire - www.bethsquire.com)

primark tshirt
ebay levi's 501 shorts (lots of similar here)
forever 21 ring

if you haven't already, you really should take yourself to forever 21, or take a look at their online store. it's great for some low price, bank-account-friendly finds. these sunglasses are definitely one of my favourite recent purchases. they're actually very similar to some kurt geiger sunglasses i've been eyeing up (but with a MUCH nicer price tag.) £60 for the kurt geiger one's or, £3.99 for some very similar? you know my choice!

for any of you that purchase online, you should definitely look at using Top CashBack. it's a way of earning back a percentage of what you pay for items online. places like asos, urban outfitters, motel rocks, new look, misguided, nike and allsaints are all on there, just to mention a few! it's a great idea for getting that little extra back. so, like i said, go and sign up to Top CashBack. it's really simple and you just use the links they provide to shop online as normal!

thank you to all my new followers too. i know my blog is relatively new but there is plenty more to come, so please follow me if you like my blog! hopefully, i can offer you something in return really soon!

what do you think of this outfit? have any of you found some bargains recently?

have a lovely week,

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  1. I absolutely love your blog! Always look forward to your next post and this one did not disappoint, gorgeous and effortless as usual x

    1. awh! thank you, that's so lovely! x

  2. Love your style, such a perfect casual outfit.
    Such a lovely blog, now one of my favourites x

  3. Great shots, your blog is Amazing! Now following

    byroselondon.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Love your blog, your style is so simple but cool..
    If you have time please stop by my blog and let me know what you think?
    Maybe we could follow each other :)


  5. I want ya sandals, I tried getting these to no avail their sold out...really like this outfit post



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