6 August 2013

i'm not gonna bore you by going over every item in my bag. i'll pick some of my essentials and maybe you could let me know whether you have some similar thing in your bag?

hopefully, you're one of these people like me, who chucks everything into your bag, whether it's needed or not. anyway....

the bag
so my backpack is actually from a spanish market in calpe. it's real leather and cost me around €20. something along those lines. for that price, it's no mulberry or prada but, i don't exactly expect it to last a lifetime. it's small enough to not feel like a 60 litre festival rucksack, but big enough to fit all my junk inside!

my essentials
apple iphone 5 - what would we all do without our mobile phone these days? i hate how much i depend on it. they're just so practical and easy to use, although the battery life is poor. have any of you got an iphone?
oilatum moisturiser - i can't even explain what i'd do without this product. if your skin is anything like mine (annoyingly dry) then i'd definitely recommend this. although a little greasy, i find it really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling soft. it's not too heavy either. 
my notebook (and pen) - it's great for jotting down little ideas or notes when you're on the go. maybe even a blog post draft, or blog ideas? it's useful to carry it just incase, you never know when you might need to note something down. whether you're bored and just fancy a doodle, or whether you've got some shopping to do, a notebook is a must. try it!
apple ipod classic (and headphones) - i'm forever sat on public transport and there's always that screaming baby or loud eater than you just don't want to hear. it's filled with so many various genres from indie to pop to rock to dubstep to dance etc. there's always something to fit my mood.
my make up bag - i think it's safe to say, most girls carry their make up around with them. the occasional top up or tweak always seems to be necessary. i've stored my make up in a cath kidston make up bag (similar here) as it's a good size and fits everything in. 

what are the essentials in your bag? do you carry lots of random stuff? 
let me know, i'd love to hear from you all!

on another note, i'm having a massive blog sale. i have so many item's that i'm selling! 
if you're interested in anything please just leave a comment, or email me at charlotteillidge@gmail.com :)
brands include topshop, american apparel, jack willsprimark, office shoes, underground, next and more!
if not, it'll just go on ebay!

have a lovely week and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!


  1. Love your bag, and The Kooples sell amazing stuff! I got an iphone about 2 months ago and love it so much.
    Lucia's Loves

  2. I lovee that bag!!

    New follower!

  3. That white Fujifilm camera looks awesome. It is a camera, right?


  4. ah, so want the instax every time someone has them in their whats in my bag post. thanks for sharing.


  5. Defiantly essentials there, the while camera looks cool is it a polariod? New follower anyways :)



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