20 September 2013

i was recently lucky enough to receive these products from the lovely people over at HOTTTSHIT. so, i thought i'd give you a little insight to the brand and a quick review. please do not forget to like their facebook page and follow them on twitter!

HOTTTSHIT draw inspiration from bold, brave and unique individuals. their models, buying, creative and servicing teams seek to build a brand that the new generation can relate themselves to. it's all about getting rid of the drama and bringing out the best. they want to spread their love and unapologetic individuality.

they buy their statement jewellery and small finds from a variety of vendors. most of their small finds are found from the designers over at imm Living; they work closely together to ensure that the maximum potential can be achieved. imm Living also has a great pinterest full of inspiration, so feel free to delve in. 

the packaging
like anything gold, this giant bubble envelope soon grabbed my attention. (as you can see, i actually cut into this package with excitement, without realising there is a simple way of opening it... OOPS!) HOTTTSHIT really do make sure that everything is well packaged and wrapped, to ensure everything arrives in one piece. the rings arrived in additional, cute branded boxes; both of which were also padded inside to ensure the rings weren't scratched or damaged. as for the bracelet, it arrived in a simple HOTTTSHIT bag, which you can see in the pictures. overall, i can't fault their efforts to keep the items safe. everything arrived perfectly!

the rings
i'll be honest, i have a favourite out of the two but, both are absolutely lovely. i think these rings are ideal pieces to add some dimension and detail to an outfit. they sit perfectly with simple ensembles and really give the outfit some edge. the line cut out ring looks great with monochrome outfits and the exaggerated deer retro ring looks really nice with a cosy jumper and knee length skirt.

the bracelet
although a little big for my ridiculous wrists, this minimalist leather bracelet is the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. it's the type of thing you can wear with anything and it'll look amazing. i've worn this with numerous things since i received it; shorts and a vest, jeans and a chunky jumper; you get the jist. i really love the fastening too, it's so easy to get on and off without having to ask someone to borrow their extra pair of hands! 

the price
i can honestly say that everything i received is well made and of really good quality. i think HOTTTSHIT prices are reasonable and you definitely get your moneys worth. 

unlike many other brands, HOTTTSHIT have something very special to offer. although it is not directly influential on those buying their products, the brand run a program called HOTTTCAUSE. HOTTTCAUSE means that for every 'like' on their facebook page, 5 cents is donated to a charity. as well as this, every month a different charity is chosen to receive a portion of their monthly profit! 

so, next time you buy from them (which i hope you all will) don't feel guilty for spending some cash. remember, you're doing other people good, as well as adding some beautiful pieces to your jewellery collection! 

here are yet more pieces, i really want to get my hands on.

what do you think of their products? 
let me know what you think
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disclaimer: all opinions within this post are my own and HOTTTSHIT have in no way influenced this.

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