17 September 2013

(image taken from mulberry)

first things first, i apologise for this post being so picture heavy; there was just too many things i couldn't leave out. besides, what would a mulberry post be without any beautiful bags to drool over? gasp.

mulberry really has embodied sophistication, as well as simplicity, this season and they couldn't have done it better. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen watching this show as there's so many things i loved; the textured fabrics, print matching and mixing, trudy (one of the best dressed dog you will ever see) and of course the impeccable accessories (the black clutch and heels being my favourites.)

this collection's colour scheme is something i, at first, wasn't quite sure about. apart from the playful baby blue and pink pieces, the other pieces seemed very autumn/winter based. from the deep oranges, to white, to navy, to black and back to white again, it all seemed very 'cold weather' colours. but, after watching the show a few times i realised how well they work together.

on the whole, i'm really quite impressed with this collection. the variety of structured and playful pieces really balances out well, and after lots of anticipation of what was to come, emma hill has really signed herself off in style. 

what do you think of this season's mulberry collection?
watch the show over on mulberry's website

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