10 September 2013

primark vest
vintage levi's shorts (similar)
river island sandals
forever 21 sunglasses
I think it's very safe to say i'm sad to be home from such a lovely holiday. Coming home to rain in the UK really didn't help... 

You'll notice from this and upcoming posts, that a lot of my outfits whilst on holiday were similar; shorts and a top. I'm sorry for this in advance but, with the weather being as nice as it was, I definitely tried to make the most of the sun and get a healthy tan before autumn/winter approaches!

Meanwhile, as I write this, I'm surrounded by empty boxes, clothes, shoes (basically lots of mess) while I try and pack to move to Birmingham. Trying to narrow things down to the bare minimum and essentials is a lot more difficult than planned and i've spent a lot of time procrastinating (doing everything possible to avoid packing.) It's really daunting leaving here, it's been my home all my life, so i'm a little nervous (and excited) to say the least.

Anyway, less of the babbling from me, have a lovely week all.
& TRY to make the most of this autumnal weather!
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  1. love your style!

    just followed you on GFC :)


  2. You look stunning! I love this look xx

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  3. well you look like the picture of health! Refreshed much?! Haha
    fashionscholar.com x


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