12 September 2013

primark vest
vintage levi's shorts (similar)
river island sandals*

Here I am again, procrastinating from packing and doing what I really need to. I have an endless list of things I need to do, one of those things being 'call student finance!!!' (shudder.)

Anyway, another outfit from my 8 days in Spain. Everything I wore throughout the week, was mainly to stay cool in the hot weather and to be comfortable; so i apologise for the absolute 'lack of effort' that you see. (I may actually shut up about my holiday at some point, but at the moment i'm very much holding out hope that we may still receive 30 degree heat and vast amounts of sunshine before autumn/winter.)

This primark top has to be one of my favourite recent purchases. I went on a bit of a primark spree to find some new clothes and I came back with this top in two colours. OOPS. They're both size 12 as I wanted to wear them as a slightly oversised fit. I think they were around £5 (each) and although everyone slates primark quality, both tops have been fine. I'd say they are definitely worth the money.

I will be doing a feature very soon, on a brand called hotttshit (featured in this post) so keep your eyes peeled and take a look at their pieces!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Just found ur blog and it's stunning! lovely!!



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