4 September 2013

While Kristen Stewart doesn’t fit into any of the obvious style icon categories - feminine, sexy, pretty - what she does have is more elusive, cool. We admit we previously mistook that surly expression and gawky body language for awkwardness, but we now realise it’s something else: attitude." - Grazia
(all above images taken from google images)

There's nothing I love more than boyish ensembles and effortless looks, so Kristen Stewart has really caught my eye recently. Her outfits are so simple, comfortable and quite noticeably, effortless. As you can see, i've avoided showing you pictures of her catwalk looks as I prefer her casual, everyday style. On the red carpet, I feel like it's very forced and unnatural for Kristen to wear clothes that are so feminine.

What do you think of her style? 
LOVE it or LOATH it?

as you read this, i'm actually currently in spain. 
this is a scheduled post, so unfortunately I won't be replying until i'm back (9th september.)

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