29 October 2013

cow vintage leather trousers
cos high neck top*
primark shirt
cow vintage check shirt

here's just a few things i've purchased recently. my bank balance is currently in a depressed state...

i've actually been after some high waisted leather trousers for a while, but i've never seen any others i like. at £11 (with staff discount) these high waisted leather trousers couldn't be missed.  they're perfect for day and night, teamed with a simple top and some chunky boots. 

the office boots you may have seen in a previous post. whilst working at office shoes, there's always a pair of shoes you've got your eye on and these were the one's for me. they're super comfortable, but i probably wouldn't be able to walk around in them all day every day. my feet start to hate me after a while. i don't think i've fully broken them in yet but, when i have i'll definitely be wearing them as often as possible during the winter weather. 

one of my favourite purchases recently has to be this river island quilted top. the material is so soft and it's so easy to wear. i paid around £22 for this with a double student discount offer but, typically, it's now gone into sale for £15. i actually ordered this in a size 12, purely because i wanted it to be oversized and loose. one grumble about this top is probably the quality. i regularly find bits of cotton and material on the inside but, i think it's just the type of fabric it is. 

cos will always be one of my favourite places to shop, it's just a shame about some of the not-so-student-friendly prices. for basic t-shirts and vests, i can't grumble as they're probably the comfiest things i've ever worn. the materials are ridiculously soft, and they're reasonably priced. this high neck top was in the sale for around £20, i think. it's great for layering and keeping warm! if i could afford to buy my entire wardrobe from cos, i would. 

primark have really excelled this season in my opinion; i actually really like a lot of their current collection. i got this shirt for £9 and it's become a wardrobe staple for me; so much so that i've now bought it in black. oops. these concealed button shirts are so easy to wear with anything. it's stupidly comfortable and, for once, i don't feel like this primark product is going to drop apart. what do you think of their current collection?

if any of you follow me on twitter you may have seen a while ago, i got a new job at a vintage shop called 'cow.' as it's a vintage shop, there's only one of each product so, when you see something you like, you get it (or risk missing out.) i'm aware it's not the most feminine shirt but, i'll most likely wear it over a t-shirt for the cold winter approaching.

what have you been buying recently?

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  1. That quilted t shirt is gorgeous!! I picked up a quilted skirt from primark for only 6 pounds and i love it! Great buys :) xx

    1. primark is so good at the moment! x

  2. those boots are amazing, I'm a sucker for boots with a chunky heel! love these photos as well, the clothes are laid out so nicely xx


  3. Those boots are perfect!

    1. aren't they just! haha thank you :) x

  4. Absolutely love all these items! The boots are amazing and I am IN LOVE with that quilted tee! Ahh, so gorg.
    xx Kat

  5. I love it all!! And i love your blog. Those boots omg. Im your new follower. follow back?
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  6. Ah I tried on those boots yesterday! I'm thinking about buying them, or this other pair from Office which are similar but with a zip on the front
    Lucia's Loves

  7. I love all your purchases! I know what you mean about the concealed button shirts, I think they just make them look so much smarter :)

    Belinda | Fashion Crossing

  8. great style, those boots are seriously amazing! xx

  9. I love everything you bought. Like really. Followed! :)
    check out my blog?


  10. You got such great stuff! The plaid shirt is gorgeous (love the colours) and the boots are absolutely amazing! xx


  11. the teal coloured shirt is lovely! xx


  12. Love the layout of your blog it looks so chic!


  13. I love everything, but specially River Island's t-shirt, Primark's shirt and those boots!


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