22 October 2013

here are one of many items i've purchased recently. it's an understatement to say there's a nice dent in my bank account, oops. i'd planned to get these boots for 'uniform' while i still worked at office but i left before i actually got the chance. as i know several people that still work in there, i was luckily able to get these boots with some staff discount as opposed to paying £95. after buying them, i feel like i haven't taken them off. they're so easy to wear everyday but, on nights out too. they're the perfect, and comfier, alternative to wearing high heels. 

i'll be doing a larger haul post later on but, i need to sort out somewhere to hang clothes to take pictures as my room here isn't ideal. don't forget to follow me on bloglovin/twitter, and like my facebook page for updates. all the links are below!

have a lovely week.

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  1. awesome boots!! i need a new pair of boots for winter but I'm skint buying Christmas presents :(

    Belinda | Fashion Crossing


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