1 October 2013

 (images taken by laura doyle)

vintage shirt
dr marten loafers

this is as simple as simple gets. by simple i mean i threw this on. this is just a basic charity shop shirt paired with some topshop joni jeans. they're high waisted, so super comfy, and they're not too pricey either. there's absolutely loads of colours to choose from but, i would say the material is quite thin, so they do stretch quite quickly. my dr marten loafers are possible one of my favourite pair of shoes. they're a little on the expensive side and i'm still wearing them in, but just look at them.... 

as well as an outfit post, i'm asking for your help
i need you ALL to like the fashion union facebook page and then like my competition entry (please!

any likes you give to my entry would be really appreciated.
have a great week,

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