15 November 2013


over the christmas period it's all about being cosy, so i've chosen some items for you to wear with a cute, festive jumper! 

it's nearly december and at that time of year, i'm all about christmas jumpers. they're super comfortable, warm and so easy to wear with jeans, leggings etc. what more could you want?

boyfriend fit, high waisted jeans are perfect for so many occasions. i chose this acid wash pair as they're ideal to dress up (or down) and, because i absolutely love high waisted jeans. i tend to find that they fit a lot better than normal (especially if you have a small waist and big hips) and for £25, they're a bargain. i'd team them with a tan, or black, belt to break up the outfit a little. the belt featured above actually comes in a pack of 3, so there's plenty of choose from.

backpacks and boots; the perfect winter accessories to chuck on with almost anything. i'm definitely the type of person who throws everything into a bag, and it stays that way for months… oops. backpacks are definitely a downfall of mine, and this stonewash rucksack is no exception.

although not practical in the snowy weather, these chunky black boots are beautiful. agreed? ideal for a night out, or strolling around the town (when it's not snowy) whilst doing some shopping. at £35, they kill off any similar high street footwear!

what do you like to wear around christmas?
for the perfect christmas jumpers and winter warmers, head over to
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  1. I seriously need everything in this. I've been looking for acid jeans but all the ones I find look like cheap quality. And I need a pair of big chunky boots!

  2. I freaking love everything! I go crazy with festive sweaters & cardigans when December is near, so it's perfect haha. My favorite item, tho, are the boots. They look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! xx

  3. Those boots have my heart. Completely besotted!


  4. Love all these pieces, especially the boots and jeans! I think your blog is great, love it! x


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