17 November 2013

(images taken from h&m)

"it was a very nice opportunity to redo what i love in my collections and share this love with a wider public," 
isabel marant

h&m never fail to choose amazing guest designers. from versace to maison martin margiela; now isabel marant. 

on the 14th of november, the guest designer's collection landed online and in selected stores. before work, i thought i'd check online and suprisingly the website was running really slow...  so, after giving up with the online option, i went in to my local store and ended up purchasing this t-shirt (oops.) i really love the prints, colour palette and textures that she's used; it all works together so well. i've never really looked at a lot of her work before (due to my love for menswear) but, that's going to change from now. 

"there was a lot of men asking me 'why don't you do man?' so i started to do t-shirt and knitwear, a long time ago. but actually, i never really did a total outfit for men so its my first time doing it, for h&m" 
- isabel marant

for her first attempt at menswear, i am amazed. it just goes to show how strong, and capable, she is as a designer. everything has been so well thought out and the attention to detail is incredible. 

what do you think of the collection?
shop isabel marant pour h&m here.
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  1. Love the collection

  2. I love the collection! Perfect colors for winter, and the prints are more serious and perfect for this time of the year. Simply amazing. xx


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