2 November 2013

on wednesday a couple of friends and i decided to visit london to get some 'research' for our current uni project. 
as you can see, i got a bit camera-happy so i apologise for this post being so picture heavy.

i won't bore you with the entire days routine but, we went to quite a few places. in liberty's we spent our time enviously looking around and we somehow managed to bump into reggie yates! it goes without saying that i looked at some of my favourite designers' work and stumbling upon my favourite stella mccartney boots was a very pleasant surprise.

from liberty's we went into some various shops and i accidentally (on purpose) may have purchased some things from monki, which i'll post about soon. we also went to berwick street to source some fabrics for our project, then to chelsea/kensington to hunt for made in chelsea stars and then to the tate modern to see what else we could find for our research.

all in all, we actually got a lot done. it kills me that i don't currently live in the capital but, for now, birmingham is home away from home and i love it. i'm well suited to the city; what do you think of it?

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  1. the photos are really lovely & those boots are amazinggg! xx

  2. Sadly, i've never been in London, but i'll be going the next year and i'm already so excited!
    The pictures are amazing! And gosh, those boots too.


  3. This makes me miss my hometown so much! *sighs* lovely photos btw :)


    Sade XO


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