13 December 2013

cow vintage check shirt
céline print tshirt
cow vintage jumper

it's been a while since i last did my last haul post, so i thought i'd show you some things i've bought over the past weeks!

this is the sylvester tshirt from the lazy oaf x looney tunes collection, which has now unfortunately sold out. i absolutely love this top but, it's a pain to get marks out of. not long ago i got water on it and i had to wash it to even get that out… annoying. other than that, i absolutely love wearing it and it's super comfy!

i got these vintage items from my current part time job at cow vintage. the check shirt was in sale for £5 and the jumper i found in a recent delivery. the pastel jumper is definitely a favourite of mine at the moment. i think it looks like something you'd get from topshop and it was inexpensive too, which again is another bonus.

the céline paris tshirt i actually got on a stall in london for £4.50. they were actually priced at £5 but i haggled (very little) with the owner of the stall. i got this in a medium, just because i want to wear it oversized. i think in winter i prefer clothes that are slightly big on me, as it makes me feel a lot more cosy.

last but not least, is my new cheap monday jumper. i'm actually a little bit obsessed with it but, i'm just really scared of it getting marked! i was torn between this jumper and the black version but, i prefer the white (i think.) it was half price in their current sale in selfridges and it was the last size medium, so obviously i had to get it…

what have you been buying recently?
12 days until christmas.
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  1. Amazing clothes!!

    keep in touch! ;) XOXO

  2. I really like that peachy coloured jumper!
    i haven't been to cow for so long, i really need to venture down there soon
    love your blog charlotte :-)

    xmrc.blogspot.co.uk x


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