2 December 2013

(images taken by laura doyle)

h&m coat
h&m snood
asos tshirt
american apparel jeans*
dr martens boots

i can't quite believe it's december already...

with the winter weather truly approaching, i think a scarf (or snood in this case) is highly necessary. having long hair is a bonus in the winter but, it doesn't stop those horrible chills on the back of your neck when the bitter, cold winds pick up. i've had this snood a while now and i think it cost be around £5. h&m have some really good scarves and winter accessories, for reasonable prices too. i really recommend taking a look. i currently have my eye on their chunky knitted mittens! also, like i said in my previous outfit post, this coat has been worn to death… i love the simplicity of it, and it looks a lot more expensive that it was! everyone seems to think it's from cos.

other things that are worn to death: my american apparel jeans and my dr martens. although these are both on the more expensive side, i couldn't recommend them more. these jeans are by far the best jeans i've ever owned. for £60+ it seems a lot, but honestly, they fit amazingly and they're pretty hard wearing. my dr martens are the same. although over £100 full price, i wear these pretty much all winter long. the sheepskin lining definitely helps with those cold feet and they're ridiculously good in the snow and ice. again, definitely worth the money!

do you own any of these items?
(my interview is in 2 days; i am  b r i c k i n g  it.)
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