7 January 2014

i haven't done a "what's in my bag" since my july post, so i thought it only fitting to catch up on what was in my bag during december. i really enjoy doing these posts, laying things out in an orderly manner is so therapeutic. hello OCD. i still can't believe we're back into january, again… i'll still be writing 2013 on things for a while. here goes, and yes, i did turn my uni card over because it's awful.

1. my iPhone 5, like most people, goes absolutely everywhere with me. i'm the typical 'teenager' who feels lost without their mobile phone. no twitter, instagram; you get the picture (no pun intended.)
2. i recently got alexa chung's 'it' for christmas, and have been carrying it around in the plan to read it. i don't read many books, but when i heard alexa was releasing a book it was something i couldn't miss. please, no spoilers!
3. keys, keys and more keys. i have two sets of keys for two simple reasons; i have two homes. one, at home home, with my mom (and dog and the majority of my useless belongings) and number two; my university flat, in birmingham, which is basically next door to my uni building… ideal (but stupidly overpriced)
4. at the moment my purse is rammed full of receipts from present (and sale) buying. i love to clear my purse every now and again but, i just haven't got round to it. i'm forever throwing away receipts i should keep, and keeping receipts i don't need. i also seem to have quite a few loyalty cards that need clearing out so, if anyone wants to sort my purse out for me, please feel free...
5. my ipod classic is another little treasure of mine. i actually got it from my boyfriend for my birthday after banging on about not having enough space on my phone for all my music, and here we are. i have such a varied music taste these days, so i won't bore you with my current favourites.
6. what would us bloggers do without make up? it's the laborious task of being a girl, that's what it is. i don't know why i actually have this near-entire make up collection in my bag at the moment; i rarely actually carry it all around. i usually pick out a few essentials for the day and take a few items for retouches (which i also rarely do.)

my bag, well my mom's, is from jigsaw. it's relatively old now but, well looked after. the only downfall of this bag is the fact it doesn't have a zip to shut it. it's kind of a belt strap over the top, hard to explain! other than that, it's the perfect size (practically hermione granger's or even mary poppins' size) to chuck everything in to.

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  1. Normally I don't really find 'What's in my bag' posts very interesting but I loved reading this one!
    The Alexa Chung book will turn into your bible! x

  2. I really like your note book!
    Also Alexa Chungs book is so great, it's so addictive to read

    xmrc.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. I really adore that bag! I actually love "what's in my bag" posts :)


  4. I really enjoy these posts. I like the stuff in your bag. Great post! Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.


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