23 January 2014

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how could a (menswear) fashion student go without posting about one of the most recent collections? the answer is, they couldn't.

after seeing 'acne resort 2014' in my inbox today, i thought it only fitting to actually take a look at the menswear. i haven't had a massive amount of time on my hands recently to be able to sit down and actually watch, or even look, through the majority of the shows. however, acne studios is one of those brands you just know, won't disappoint; and, no surprise, i wasn't disappointed. their use of fabrics and texture is something i aspire to. i'm forever seeing a mixture of knitwear, leathers and heavy cottons (as well as a colour palette that's to die for.) the cuts they use, their design aesthetic; it's just incredible. everything, quite simply, just works.

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  1. such an amazing collection x

    also just letting you know my big beauty giveaway on instagram ends tonight! enter if youd like to at @gypsywardrobe xx


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