13 January 2014

on monday 6th january, i was lucky enough to be working backstage for lee roach, at london collections: men. after arriving at 12:30, a few of us managed to have a sit down before what can only be described as a hectic day. although the show didn't start until 5pm, we had a lot to sort out; from rails, to last minute trouser fittings and the dress rehearsal. it was manic to say the least. i've loved lee roach's work for a while and AW14 just gave me even more reason to. if you haven't seen the collection, take a look at some images of it here. i had such a good day, even despite it being ridiculously hot backstage and it was amazing to get a real insight into men's fashion.

this week i'm here there and everywhere. on tuesday i'll be modelling for the we are cow website, so i'll be posting about that later this week. i'm also going back home to see my nan; i haven't seen her for so long and i still have my christmas present to collect! as it's my birthday this month, i'll be picking up my birthday present too.

have you seen any of the shows?

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  1. So jealous of you right now. I am dying to get into menswear. xx

  2. So jealous you got to work backstage!

  3. Fab post, it must have been a great experience for you. Great collection, I'm really loving men's fashion lately, especially oversized coats.


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