1 January 2014

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i'm going to keep this short and simple!

personal resolutions:
1. try to be more organised - i started to be more organised coming to the end of 2013 and i really want that to continue.
2. go to the gym regularly and, generally, try to be more active.
3. try to eat more healthily - the spoon fulls of nutella aren't doing me any favours!
4. save more, spend less - that new macbook isn't going to appear out of thin air.
5. be more positive towards my own work and capabilities.

blog resolutions:
1. do more outfit posts - it's sometimes difficult to actually find the space (and time) but, they seem to be my most read posts. keep your eye out for plenty more!
2. improve the photography and clarity of some images i take myself.
3. write more varied content - include more lifestyle and collections posts.
4. spend more time reading other blogs - recently i've been really busy and travelling all over the place, so it's been difficult!
5.  again, be more organised - sometimes i leave blog posts until the last minute so, i need to create more posts in advance incase i'm drowning in university work, sigh.

generally, this year has been pretty good to me, and i hope it has been good to you too. if not, don't worry, here's to a new year and new opportunities. hopefully, this time next year, i'll feel like i can tick some of these off the list!

thank you all for reading my blog this year (well since july) and happy 2014! 

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  1. Great post. I was going through the FBL group when I found your post. I am not so much into resolutions but I think some of these may come in handy along the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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  3. Great resolutions, good luck :D xx

  4. Great resolutions , love your blog x feel free to check out ours

  5. I'm not one for resolutions but there are certainly some in this list I could do with adopting.


  6. Definitely agreeing with your second personal resolution and your first blog resolution. Definitely want to do more of both this year x

  7. Great resolutions here! I'm trying to be more active as well :)
    Good luck!

    Jess xo


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