27 February 2014

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a bit ago i was scouring the internet for new clothes, as per usual, when i came across i'll be honest, i've never really thought to use them before now. i plan on trying to look and use their website a whole lot more, from now on. the main thing that grabbed me (that i didn't even realise may i add) was the variety of products, they sell numerous brands and their celebrity collections.
we've all seen the tv advert for fearne cotton's collection but, girls aloud's kimberely walsh has now joined the team to make her own collection too (see it here.) both collections have a pretty big range of dresses, so you're in for a treat if you're an avid dress lover. from fearne's collection, i love the all black jumpsuit and this contrast sleeve coat. kimberley's collection on the other hand; it has to be this two piece suit. ankle grazer trousers are a rough area for me, and so are women's suits for that matter, but i really want to give them a go.

you should have a look at both of these collections as well as the rest of the products.

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