18 February 2014

my favourite collection so far, by a mile (or two.) every time i seem to post a collection i like on my blog, i always mention to colour palette but, honestly, topshop's colour palette was TO. DIE. FOR. i'm such a sucker for tonal colours and contrasting fabrics; so the topshop show definitely didn't disappoint.
(images via google & dazed)

i'm not normally a fan of knee high boots but, for some reason, i adored the fit of the boots they used. admittedly, i wouldn't wear them myself but, i could definitely stare at them for a while. the patchwork and quilted coats were another key feature that caught my eye; the quilted coats especially.

i've been going on about this show, since watching it on my train back to london. if you haven't already watched it you really should! (click here)
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  1. Greta post !

  2. hi, i love your tastes in fashion, your selections and style. glad to find your blog, look forwards to your updates !
    followed :)


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