18 March 2014

"I always get asked what the name 'Hypethrash' means; Hypethrash is coined from two magazines, Hypebeast and Thrasher Magazine, which led me into the world of fashion and skateboarding culture. I felt it was right to pay homage to those two publications because that's where I get most of my design inspirations from, then giving it a monochromatic perspective"
 - Tej Adenuga, Hypethrash Studios Creative Director

as a lover of black, and minimal, there's no better way of joining them together than through clothing. I discovered Hypethrash Studios through their instagram a while ago but, only recently have i delved into their online store. there's nothing i love more than a simple t-shirt, you can chuck it on with absolutely anything and you know it's always going to look good.

the theme and inspirations behind the brand lie within minimalism and simplicity (if you follow them on instragam, you'll soon realise this.) each collection consists of only three shades (white, grey and black) and they aim to give out a clean, minimal aesthetic. better typography, less colours and communication through as few design elements as possible; this is what the brand strives for. i definitely think you can clearly see this represented in both the t-shirt and the packaging.

the packaging was a pure white box with a very simply placed brand logo label in the centre. upon opening the package, the t-shirt was perfectly wrapped in clean white tissue paper and sealed with my name 'miss illidge.' Hypethrash really do go that extra inch, to make everything very precise and personal to you. rather than feeling like you're getting a generic product, you feel as if it's a one off piece just because everything is made to feel so personal.

 if you're going to order one of these, i'd definitely order a larger size. this is a medium, which is a perfect fit for me and i'm an 8/10. if you want a more oversized fit, go for a large or even an extra large. it's possible one of the comfiest tops i own, so much so that i don't want to wash it (gross i know but, it's so soft!)

don't forget to follow Hypethrash Studios on twitter and instagram.

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  1. This look is very me right now, love the tee, coat and the sandals <3 perfection! xx

  2. I love this tee shirt! I'll definitely have to check their website out and their packaging is too cute.

    And don't worry your not alone, when I find a tee shirt that is super comfy, I literally don't wash it until I wear it at least twice? I don't know why?? Is that gross?? Maybe?? Haha.



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