12 March 2014

as bloggers, we seem to acquire lots of clothes and beauty products, yes? we all know ebay is a bit of a pain when it comes to listing, it just seems to never end. so, i though't i'd share with you all, an app called 'depop.'

"depop is the most fun way to buy and sell straight from your pocket. sell your stuff by simply taking a picture. follow your friends. buy unique things" - simon beckerman, founder of depop.

i've been using depop for a while now and it's so easy (feel free to follow me here.) it makes my life a hell of a lot easier, rather than spending hours listing items on ebay. to make your experience with depop even easier, i thought'd i'd make a simple 5 step guide on how to use depop.

1 - get registered.
it's fast and easy. you pick your username, password etc.

2 - click sell & take pictures of your item.
pictures are so important when it comes to selling items. clear and well lit pictures are always going to entice buyers, so remember that. depop also have a photo tips page for some do's and don'ts.

3 - give your item a description and price.
remember to state sizes and any key measurements buyers may require, it's only going to help you sell.

4 - add in your postage cost.
you can either include your postage cost within the item listing or choose your postage price on the 'delivery' section of the listing. if you are going to charge your delivery separately, try and remember to tell people how much it will cost, within your item description. 

5 - publish your item.

it couldn't be simpler. 

the app is now available for both iOS and android phones (and just to make it even better, its free.) 
so what are you waiting for?! 
get selling.

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  1. Lovely post, I'll have to check out your items on depop i recently signed up last week!! xx


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