WISH LIST: #1 OF 2014.

2 March 2014

WISH LIST #1 - 2014

the first wish list of the year. i'm surprised i've managed until the end of february without posting a wish list, just because there always seems to be loads of things i want.

i've actually now bought the h&m dress (oops.) for £9.99 it's such a bargain. i plan on taking it abroad later this year and i'd love to wear it with the topshop sandals i've featured here. there are SO many pairs of topshop shoes i want; god damn you topshop.

who can have a wardrobe without a staple leather jacket? nobody. i currently own an asos leather jacket (that i actually got from a charity shop may i add) but how could i say no to this whistles number. i really want to buy a new leather jacket but, the one's i seem to find are all an awkward length. sigh. if anyone wants to give me some links to some good jackets, feel free to send them my way!

this weekend my mom is visited london, it was so nice to see her! as i am super poor at the moment, she kindly bought me a new bag, which you may see soon! there is so much to do in london but, it's so expensive being here. i was thinking of doing a post about life in london, and living here. i'm not sure, so if you'd like me to do one then let me know!

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