20 May 2014

so, i thought i'd start adding more lifestyle posts to my blog and maybe the odd recipe here and there. although i mainly focus on fashion, it's nice to add a few other posts into the mix!

i made:
  • lemon, lime and orange
  • cucumber, lemon and lime
  • strawberry and kiwi
infused waters are good for a body detox, as well as energy and hydration. it's the perfect drink for this warm weather and for any of you, like me, with your last university deadline of the year still hanging over you. sigh.

here is a really simple way to make your own:

what you will need:
  • some jars/bottles - you can use a glass if you prefer
  • fruit & vegetables - see above for my chosen ingredients
  • herbs - i've only used mint but you may use others if you prefer
  • ice cubes - optional

  1. add the fruit/vegetables into the jar and use a wooden spoon to slightly break them down - add as much in as you like! (with any citrus fruits, peel them to avoid bitterness)
  2. optional - gently mash the mint into the jar, as this helps to release it's natural ingredients
  3. add water as desired, but remember to leave space for ice if you're having any!
  4. leave in the fridge for about half an hour before drinking
  5. remove from the fridge and enjoy!
it's as simple as that; tasty and good for you too. 

if you liked this post and would like to see more lifestyle or recipe type posts, or even if you just try this, please let me know! any feedback is massively appreciated.

on another cheeky (and non-fruit related) little note, the cosmopolitan blog awards are currently in place and i'd absolutely love it if you could nominate my blog for the 'next newcomer blog award.' if you think i deserve it, just please CLICK HERE and enter my blog details ( it's as simple as that! please let me know if you nominate, it'd be lovely to say thank you to any of you individually!

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  1. I have a friend that makes infused waters all the time, they look great! I'm sure they're just as good as they look!
    Hope you're well and stop by sometime! Sarah, x

  2. Love this concept, and they all look so pretty too!

    Love, Greta


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