19 July 2014


(so i'm taking a leap into the beauty side of blogging...)

there's something about the body shop that's so enticing, every time i walk passed i think 'ooh, shall i have a look.' the one downfall they have is their not-so-student-friendly prices. very few of us want to spend £11 on uni resources, let alone a face wash, but they tend to have a few offers on AND you'll often find yourself in possession of some sort of discount voucher. anyway, enough of the babble, here's some of the items i'm loving from the body shop at the moment and why!

the coconut body scrub is the perfect addition to any shower routine. although i wouldn't advise using it all the time, as it's quite harsh on the skin, its definitely ideal for a once a week all-over. if you have sensitive skin like me, it's good because you control the amount of pressure you apply whilst exfoliating and (just another bonus) you really don't need to use much at all. at £13, it's a little on the pricey side but, this bad boy should last you a good few months at the absolute least

face wash's are always so hit and miss for me because my skin is annoyingly sensitive. one week a face wash can be fine and the next, a big no no. this vitamin c cleansing polish has gone down a treat with my skin so every time i use it, my skin feels so refreshed and smooth. it's a slight exfoliant, so again you're in control, but i just loath that £11 price tag. 

as i like to exfoliate quite regularly, the aloe eye defence is a great way to sooth the skin. it's really hydrating and leaves your skin feeling extremely well nourished. again a little pricy for a product that will fit in the palm of your hand but, all-in-all a simple and well thought out product. 

my absolute favourite is the passion fruit shower gel, unfortunately i can't find this on their website but they definitely have it in store. i think this was around the £4 mark, it's a pretty standard shower-gel consistency but i just can't. get. enough. the smell is just unreal, so much so that i can't even describbbbe how incredible it is. just get your hands on it, or go into your local store and thank me later.  

have you tried any of these products?

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  1. I love the Vitamin C Scrub, it smells so nice too! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I really want to give the coconut body scrub a try! I really like the body shop products, super affordable :)

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

  3. I love The Body Shop products! The Vitamin C cleanser seems good, I have to try it!!


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