15 August 2014

as usual, autumn/winter comes around very quickly; almost too quickly if you ask me. i'm a lover of summer but, i just feel like it passes in no time. does anybody else think the same? it's the current time of year that i tend to find the busiest and the hardest to dress for... sun, rain, sun, rain, rain... it's so unpredictable. never mind.

as a lover of autumn and winter too, i thought i'd give you all some inspiration/ideas for the coming season. for a start, it's all about layers, layers and more layers (mixed with lots of black and grey... obviously.)
(images from pinterest

personally, these two seasons are very much about being warm but, most of all comfortable. throwing together simplistic items all at once ends up in something a lot more sophisticated. oversized knitted jumpers, clean cut jackets and heavy black boots are my essentials.
what are yours?

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  1. i completely agree that summer always seems to pass by so quickly! i always get excited by the winter fashion though! id love it id youd comment back xx

  2. ah i love autumn and winter and i cannot wait for it to officially be autumn. I love me a good chunky knit.
    luna the blog
    ellenor x

  3. I'm so excited to start my Autumn shopping! These are some great inspiration picks, very chic x
    eleanor's adventures in wonderland

  4. Loooooooooooooove love love the sheepskin trend!! Great blog, just started following you :) x


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