8 August 2014

a small selection of favourites/essentials i've been carrying in my handbag this month...

it goes without saying my iPhone and headphones are two of my essential items, so i won't bore you with those. 

i'm sure a lot of you have heard about the amazing collection lasting perfection concealer and, if you haven't where have you been hiding?! the concealer is heavily recommended by beauty bloggers and has amazing coverage. for £4.19 i can't praise it enough and it really lives up to it's 'lasting perfection' product title.

i can't stop buying kate moss, rimmel lipsticks recently. they smell incredible and i absolutely love this red matte lipstick in shade 111. they have the perfect staying power and i'd definitely say these are a cheaper alternative to a MAC lipstick (for some shades at least.)

ray bans are huge love of mine; a must have in anybody's sunglasses collection if you ask me. i've 'borrowed' these from my boyfriend, which he's not so pleased about but, regardless, they're mine now (even though i've just ordered myself a new pair pair... oops.) they're just a timeless classic, that can be worn with anything.

what are your handbag essentials?

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  1. That lipstick shade looks so perfect! x

  2. Definitely what the contents of my bag look like just less messy haha!
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