2 October 2014

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today i'm talking co-ords, and lots of them. one thing i love about co-ords is how durable they are; you can wear them together or separately to form a whole new look. all of the co-ords available from ark are quite reasonably priced. there's plenty of pieces in the sale (yes there it is, our favourite word) but, there's also some more pricy pieces too. i know we're going into autumn/winter now but, lets get real for a minute; there's still the numerous nights out to go on AND everyone loves a good co-ord combo regardless.

i've picked out 6 of my favourites from the ark website but, you can see the full range they have available here.
the gingham co-ord (right) is a stand-out one for me; a modern cut and fit, with a retro 60's twist. i love the heavy black edging on both pieces, it makes a bold statement and really gives it that extra little something. i also love the wave crochet set (middle) quite simply because of the amaaaaazing print! 
for any of you regular readers on my blog, it's going to be quite obvious which co-ord is my absolute fave but, for any of you that are new to my blog i'm a sucker for minimalistic cuts and monochrome colours. the clear winner for me is the cher co-ord (middle) in a beautiful scuba material. the deep 'v' cut of the top and the lack of sleeves are key features but, most of all i'm lusting over the high waisted, simplistic shorts. perfect for wearing together but, could be so easily worn apart like any of the co-ords shown above. 

so there you have it, a small selection of co-ords from ark. remember to take a look at the full collection!

just to make it even sweeter, you can currently get 20% student discount with unidays but, you'll have to be quick, it's for a limited time! 

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  1. Ark have some absolutely gorgeous co ords! I adore the 4th one, but they're all stunning! x

  2. Love, want and need all of these.

    Charlotte x

  3. These are great picks charlotte. Always on the look out for a good co-oord and these are lush.


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