29 October 2014


i want to apologise to you all for my lack of posting recently. it's been over 10 days since i last posted and i just wanted to be honest with you all, and explain why. 

since the end of september, i've been back at university for the final year of my degree. as much as i love to blog and be part of the blogging community, i know that this year will be hard to balance the both well. my posts may be less regular but,  i can assure you, i'm not going anywhere. i'm simply trying to focus heavily on my final year, to achieve what i want and what i deserve. 

i know you've probably heard this sort of thing many-a-time but, this year is vital to me. i have aims that i want to achieve and for those aims to be reality, i need to put in every ounce of time and effort i possibly can and i really hope you can all appreciate this. i imagine a lot of you are in the same position and that's why i feel like writing this post may actually help me feel a little better about the situation. i've been back just over a month, i've already broken down numerous times and felt like everything is getting a little too much. 

so, in a nutshell, i want to apologise for the long delay in posting and also explain to you that posts may be less regular over the next few months. i apologise but i hope you understand that it's for the right reasons!

on a lighter hearted note, how beautiful is my new whistles coat?! ughhhhh. a little while back, there was a grazia promotion offering readers 25% off EVERYTHING. when walking into the birmingham store, to find there was one of these coats left in a size small, and being told there was the 25% off; i didn't know what to do. i'd been drooling over this coat for weeks but it seemed like such a lot of money to spend. but, of course, i caved. how could i say no?!

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  1. Lovely coat!


  2. Love your look !

    Saskia ! xo

  3. Woahh that coat is amazing, I love it! x


  4. gorgeous outfit, love the coat x

    cat | je suis cat

  5. Omygawsh that coat was so worth it hun it is stunnigg!! Omg and don't worry girl I totally feel you on the posting from I'm only in A2 year and my posting has become mhh quite irreguler aswell! Haha hope you have an amazing year at uni doll! Omgg and those birks with sockss urghh I'm obsessed with this whole look so easy breezy!



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