10 November 2014

how could i not blog about one of my favourite designers collaborating with a well known high street brand? as an iconic designer, this collaboration was always going to be a big global hit. with heavy sports influence, it was always going to be a relatively easy collection to wear, purely because of the fabrics. 
as you can just about see from above, shoppers were given coloured wristbands according to the time slot they were allocated. you only had 10 minutes shopping time so you really had to make the most of the time you had and get your hands on as many items as you possibly could. naturally, the later your time slow, the less you were likely to get your hands on. 

anyhow, i thought i'd show you a few of my favourite items from the collection:
like half the planet, i loved, and unfortunately didn't get my hands on, the cropped sweat 'wang' jumper. the grey one has to be my favourite! even after queuing form 6am, this sold out pretty much instantly both in store and online. 
this. coat. is what dreams are made of. oversized, with tones of grey and black, matched with the signature 'wang' slogan seen throughout the collection. a dreamy piece which unfortunately is now also sold out!
why oh why, did i return these after buying them? instant regret. i'm aware you're all probably sat there thinking 'hello scuba diving shoes' but, seriously they were incredible. i panicked at the amount of money i'd spent and returned these only to MASSIVELY regret that decision (sad face.)
if any of you want to view the full collection, remember you still can here. did any of you manage to get any pieces from the collection? 
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  1. There are some definite pieces that I will be picking up here! So fab! X

  2. Great post!! I wasn't sure about this collection when i saw the promo shots but after seeing the pieces on real women (non-models) I see what a great sports wear influenced, gorgeous collection it is. Shame you took your shoes back :(

  3. Crushing over this collection so much!



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