7 December 2014

it's been a little while since my old blog sent out a cheeky post; blame deadlines blah blah blah. i won't bore you with all that. i thought i'd get back into the swing of things by showing you all some things i've been looking at coming up to christmas!

opening ceremony t-shirt
as a fashion student, opening ceremony is a website i never fail to check. they're own brand is filled with simple, staple pieces but, after spotting this embroiled t-shirt online, it couldn't be missed. it's hard to get hold of in the UK, unless you visit the stores but, they're mostly based in london (which sucks as i live in birmingham at the moment.)

daniel wellington watch
a timeless classic... literally. daniel wellington are here there and everywhere at the moment. i've wanted a new watch for a while, something simple with a modern/classic mix. the silver dial for me is an absolute dream, combined with a tan strap and i'm alllllll over it. 

marc jacobs sunglasses
after seeing the lovely megan in these not so long ago, i fell in love with them straight away. i love big frames and tortoiseshell, so these combine the two perfectly. ideal for giving an outfit that extra something or for when you're feeling lazy like me and don't want to apply eye make up!

eyeko alexa chung mascara
i've recently been toning down my make-up routine recently. i'm avoiding foundation and skin make up and swapping it for a small amount of mascara. i've been eyeing up the alexa chung eyeko collection for a white now and after a friend said how good it was, i thought it'd be rude not to put it on my christmas wish list. the packaging is perfect for travelling and for £20, it's a bargain.

comme des garçon converse + comme des garçon striped top
a lot of the items i'd like for christmas are items i've been after for a while or, items i want and sadly can't afford; these comme des garçons items are under all of the above. converse are a recurring item on my blog, if you haven't noticed, so it's only fitting that i'd want to add these to my collection. i've gone comme des garçon mad this year.

calvin klein underwear
since kendall jenner was spotted wearing these on instagram, half the planet has been after them; including me. sold out everywhere, including asos, it'll be hard to get your hands on these any time soon.

sarah chapman overnight facial
after using a sample of this i received a while ago, i miss it. it's a gel like substance that i applied over after cleansing and it worked wonders. it removes blemishes and reduces break outs like no tomorrow. it's a little on the pricey side but, SO worth it.

what's on your christmas wish list this year?

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