12 January 2015


i love reading posts like this, it's often through blogs i find pieces i want to buy next. i think it's about time i showed you some of my favourite sale pieces, starting with COS. 

wool blazer
how. beautiful. is. that. blazer? cos are definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to formal pieces like coats and blazers. who doesn't want need a grey blazer? if you ask me, it actually looks thick enough to be worn as a coat. matched with a chunky knit scarf, this would be perfect for the current windy conditions!

there's something about textured fabrics that i'm really drawn to at the moment. following the purchase of my fluffy whistles coat, i've since bought a textured skirt and have my eye on a few pieces, including this textured jumper! one thing i was drawn to, besides the price (£31), was the colour. nude and beige is always a good colour to go with anything. if you ask me, you can't beat the combination of nude and black.  

printed trousers
these tapered, print trousers are the perfect way of adding a little something to a relatively simple outfit. the print is super cool and the tapered leg is perfect for any body shape! i'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to trousers recently. i've just received a pair from river island and there's a further two pairs in my saved items on ASOS, oops... 

leather clutch
bags, bags and MORE bags. no girl (or guy) can ever have enough bags, especially more 'fancy' going out bags. this clutch is an absolute beauuuuuty if you ask me. it's all about minimalistic black clutches, especially when they have a super cute zip pocket on the front. 

towelling dress
i told you i love texture, right? i know what you're thinking, 'towelling' dress sounds a bit well, unusual? if you see this in person you'll be pleasantly surprised. a really simply cut shape, perfect for throwing on at the weekend when you don't want to think about what you're wearing! for £32, it's a bargain!

white shirt
believe it or not, this is actually from the mens section. everyone needs a white shirt, regardless of style! a shirt is definitely an essential wardrobe staple perfect for smart or casual wear. this minimalistic beauty is currently on sale for £41!

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  1. Lovely items!


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  3. Some really lovely picks!

  4. These are some fab pieces! I was in the COS store the other day but couldn't find anything good in the sales :(

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  5. Nice selections, Charlotte!

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  6. oh my, the towelling dress and peach jumper are gorgeous! great picks and such timeless pieces! x


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