29 January 2015

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as part of my new years resolutions, i wanted to add a bit more variation to my blog posts. i'd like to switch up my content just a little and give you guys something a little different to read.

as this month is birthday month and the first month of the year, i thought why end the month by mentioning a few of my recent favourite songs. hopefully there will be something that takes your fancy or something you may already know! enjoy.

i haven't done these in any particular order and all songs are linked to youtube, so give 'em a click!

1. outside - calvin harris & ellie goulding
2. thinking out loud - ed sheeran
3. sheets - shannon saunders
4. metal & dust - london grammar
5. daydream - one night only
6. on top - flume
7. blame - calvin harris & john newman
8. left hand free - alt j
9. odessa - caribou
10. waiting for go - the dykeenies

please let me know if you liked reading this type of post! yesterday was my birthday so i'll be showing you what i got in a new post

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  1. Such an ace post, abso love it! I'm always on the hunt for new music so this is just fabulous xo


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