2 January 2015


note! this is a follow up to my previous post

here we have the final part of my 2014 outfit round up: i can't believe it's over! 2014 was a bit of a mixed one for me, i've gained some incredible memories and some not-so-great but, such is life. i've watched myself grow as a person in numerous ways and i have to say, i've met some amazing people this year. 

i've watched my blog grow, and hopefully it will continue to do so but, this is where i get you guys more involved! i want to ask what YOU want to see more of? and what posts you've enjoyed reading the most? outfit posts won't be going anywhere and nor will 'new in' posts etc but, i want you guys to enjoy reading this blog just as much as i enjoy writing it. 

i've said this before but, the pressure is hugely on for me at the moment. 2015 see's me enter the final few months of my degree so there's plenty of deadlines and struggles to be had (aka my dissertation) but, i PROMISE i will be back in full force as soon as my degree is over and the deadlines are out of the way! as much as i hate this dissertation, i've thoroughly enjoyed my time at university and never really want it to end. 

thank you 2014, hello 2015. 

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  1. your style is just flawless Charlotte! you always look amazing x


  2. I could see myself in all these outfits, you have amazing style!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. Love your style! I'd love to see inspiration posts, whats inspiring your final year work and what is your final year work? Being slightly nosey into your uni life!


  4. Have an incredible 2015 hun & I would love to see some of the work youve been doing for your fashion degree course that would be amazing and also to hear about your expeirence whilst studying fashion at Uni! Xo


  5. i want to see tips on how to be a princess xoxo

  6. inlove with your style girl <3



i really appreciate any comments you leave, thank you x

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