3 March 2015


say hello to some homeware pieces i currently have my eye on. i think it's slowly becoming an addiction. knowing that within the next few months we'll be moving into a new flat can i only mean one thing - constant nights of scouring the internet for more things to make the new flat a little more homely. i'm all about mixing textures and colours, so finding some pieces online is pretty simple. 

one of my favourite pieces definitely has to be the ikea bedside table. my boyfriend recently purchased one for his xbox (sighs) and i can't help but want to buy another one to have as my bedside table. for £25 it's an absolutely dreamy piece that combines a retro feel with modern minimalism. 

another fave ikea piece is the lamp! just. look. at. it. super elegant, easy to clean and definitely a statement piece for any lounge area. my recent trip to ikea has left me with a continual urge to return and by yet more things i don't need. 

speaking of electronics, a roberts radio has been something that i've wanted for a while but always put off. i love the super cool 80's vibe this has, but it seems just a bit too pretty to actually use. at least it'd be nice to look at, hey?

this copper clock does exactly what it needs to. easy to read (without having to think about where the hands on the clock are face) and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. you can't go wrong. at £300, it's a little on the pricey side but hey time is of the essence. there's also some super similar one's here.

Charlotte x
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  1. Amazing picks! I wish I had the time to decorate and have my house exactly how I want it

    Charlotte - styleaked


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