11 June 2015


first of all a quick apology on my behalf for my mini blog hiatus! it's been a long road and a long time coming but university is finally over. all i have to do now is sit and wait... but, i'm back in the blogging game so keep your eyes peeled for new content!

a little while ago you may have seen on my instagram that i was working with Levi's and ASOS

#levistailorshop is the perfect opportunity for you to get a little creative and get your hands a bit messy! I headed into my local store (in birmingham) and picked a couple of items to customise. i was looked after by the lovely staff member amy who helped me pick out a few aka loads of items. in the end i went for THE traditional levi's trucker jacket and a pair of 721 high rise skinny jeans (a new style i may also add).  

i wanted to give my jeans a little more rock 'n' roll so we placed some safety pins where i wanted to add rips or some texture. as you can see, we did this while i had the jeans on, as it's the best way to get the result you want and so the rips go where you want them to sit.

don't just think it's all about ripping and roughing up the denim though! the tailor shop also offers patches, studs and super cool letters you can have sewn onto your garments; think 90's punk rock and teenage youth. you can see from my trucker, i went for a super simple little 'C' on the collar tip just to make it that bit more personal and some rips here and there, but you can literally go to town. there's loaaaads of letters, big and small, different colours too!

if you're feeling like jazzing up your denim, whether it be old or new, head to the levi's tailor shop page on asos and find some ways to add that little somethin' to your levi's! 

Charlotte x
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  1. looks so damn nice! love the denim jacket, gorgeous outfit!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Love the denim jacket!


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