7 August 2015

i thought it was about time i shared the blogger love and showed you some of my favourite bloggers of late. some i've followed for a while, others are relatively new but, anyhow, here goes...

a megggga new blog to me but also an absolutely incredible menswear blog. the blog photography joel has in amazing, hands down, blog goals right there. everything about his style is inspiring, i don't think i ever want to wear colour again after discovering his blog. for some dreamy minimalistic style, joel is the guy you should be looking at. 

say hello to a mega boho babe! think florence welch hair mixed with thrifty, vintage style! if you love all of those and more, then leigh's blog is definitely the one for you. i've only recently started to follow fox & feather, but if you don't already, you most definitely should give it a click. from fashion to food to festival-wear, her little space on the internet is nothing but beautiful. 

think of a style you'd love to wear, so lets say... 70's retro or modern minimal? well, megan can do it all and she's stupidly amazing at it, i may add (no wonder she's an asos personal stylist!) if you haven't seen megan's blog, give her a click and you'll find a huuuuuge variety of posts. from outfits, to travel diaries or where to grab some tasty food, she's got it all down to a tee. 

this a both a new blog i follow and also, a very new blog! beth, my best friend from home recently started a style of life. as a recent photography graduate, her blog photos are an absolute dream! if you're after some ideas on key pieces to splurge on, beth is definitely the one to follow. it features lots of quirky interior pieces and new fashion finds. 

how could i share some blog love without mentioning lily?! her hauls are definitely worth a watch, although they may leave your bank balance a little worse off. beauty wise, she's up there with some of the most influential beauty bloggers; so if you need to get some advice on which copper eye shadow is best, lily will most definitely give you the answer. 

so there you have it, 5 of my blogging favourites at the moment! 

please let me know if there's any blogs you're really liking at the moment, i'd love to take a look so feel free to leave any links below!

Charlotte x
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  1. I absolutely love Leigh, Megan and Lily's blogs! They're some of my absolute favourites! Great for when I need some inspiration x


  2. Yes, these are all great blogs that I love too

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. I love Megan and lily's blogs as well! I cant want to read the other 3 you mentioned! great way to discover new blogs!


  4. Oh yes Megan is such a babe!!

  5. I love finding new blogs! Thanks for sharing these babes! I'll have to check them out!

    be the plebeian

  6. I rarely come across menswear blogs and even though I'm a woman, I do like to occasionally look at men's style, so I'll have to definitely check that first one out.



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