3 August 2015

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hello you lovely lot! a new outfit post with a little bit of a difference today. there is a strong clue in the title but none the less, here i am discussing my own person style crisis... 
ps. say hello to my beautiful new (graduation) shoes!!

for a little while now, my space on the internet has suffered because of a personal crisis i feel like I'm having. i've become so comfortable wearing the same things all the time and i feel like i've lost my personal style. being in a world where bloggers have a huge impact is difficult, simply because there are so many inspirational people and style ideas you see. yet, here i am, struggling to find my own personal style and struggling to find my niche. 
over a period of time, i want to spend some time trying to find myself again and i want that to be reflected in my posts on here. although i don't want posts to be predictable, i want people to come onto my little blog and know the 'genre' or 'style' of clothing i wear. i feel like my wardrobe is something i'm constantly battling with and as a reflection from this, i will be having a HUGE clear out, of my clothes over on my depop, in order to try and start to build it back up again. 
this doesn't mean i'll be disappearing any time soon, it simply means i want to plan a lot more and focus on changing my style up a bit. i want to be a lot more considerate about where i shoot my blog photos too. it really does make all the difference but, it's hard in a city where you feel like you've already turned every corner. 
i know where i want to be but, it's the journey to that point that is going to take me a little while. 
let me know if you've ever had this! how did you get out of it?

Charlotte x
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  1. We all go through hiatuses and it is not necessarily a bad thing but a chance to step back and review the situation. I would suggest taking a bit of time away from social media and begin an inspiration notebook. Start by writing all the things that you inspire you the most.It could be anything but slowly it will begin to influence the way you dress.http://www.fadedspring.co.uk

  2. I'm feeling the exact thing and I know a lot of people who are too! So it's completely normal and not a ba thing at all. Just keep looking for inspiration and trying things out of your comfort for a while and I'm sure you'll find your way again. You're one of my favourite bloggers so I'm happy to hear that you'll still be on the blogging scene! x


  3. I know exactly where you're coming from! I get lost in my personal style too sometimes :)

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

  4. I think the best way to find your personal style is not to buy clothes and dress to a 'genre' that you like, but to just wear and buy whatever you want and whatever you feel looks good on you :)

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. oh wow! I didnt think that as a blogger , someone would ever lost in his/her own personal style. I thought that when a person become a style / fashion blogger, is because they wanted to share their style/ fashion which they owned already in the first place. anyways... I am always wearing the same / almost the same style. I repeat outfit although I mix and match it differently. and my blog is my style diary...
    I wish you can come out from this crisis dear....

  6. Thanks for the follow Charlotte. You have a gorgeous blog and a much better sense if style than me!

  7. I understand so much. I feel like my outfit posts don't properly portray my style. This outfit is really nice though, I love those shoes! The backdrop is perfect too!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  8. In love with your outfit here! Everything is gorgeous! I kinda feel on the same page as you in terms of having a personal style crisis, as lately I feel like I'm lacking inspiration, but I cleared my wardrobe out a few weeks ago and I'm also planning on starting afresh! xxx


  9. Obsessed with these jeans and I NEED these shoes! xx


  10. THIS LOOK. It's perfect! I'm seriously in love with each and every piece! I'm new to your blog and if this is a preview of what's to come, I'm excited and hooked! I know how you feel though. The pressure of being stylish while also unique and original can be quite tiring in the sea of bloggers and IG photos. I hope you find what you're looking for in terms of your style soon :) To me though, you look fabulous!

    be the plebeian

  11. I am sure many bloggers feel this at some point, I hope you don't feel too pressured because your blog is amazing. and I am amazed by this outfit, especially those shoes! I am so into layering and I can't wait for colder days so I can continue doing that myself x



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