13 September 2016

If any of you follow me on instagram you may have seen that I went to Malaga, Spain with my wonderful mother. We spent the week well and truly relaxing, shopping and eating our body weight in bread but, my god I feel better for doing so. 

For any avid holiday shoppers, there's plenty for you to get your hands on AND if any of you love Zara or any brand in the inditex group for that matter, Spain is the one for you. Imagine the Zara website (neat and extremely shopper friendly) but in store? None of the mess or frantically roumaging through piles of sale clothes...

Malaga has quite the history too, so we managed to delve into some local tourist attractions. One of my favourites being the Picasso museum which also had, a perfectly timed, Jackson Pollock pop up exhibition. It's quite surreal getting up close and personal with the works of two of the most successful and influential figures from the art world. Pollock's work is dreaaaamy!

Sometimes our body (and mind for that matter) really just need a break from our usual surroundings. As I said in my 'where have I been?' post this year has been a rollercoaster ride so I most definitely needed to go away and come back refreshed. An added bonus for me is that hot climates do wonders for my skin, so my eczema returned to the UK looking better than it has in a hell of a long time.

Charlotte x
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