24 October 2016 Birmingham, UK

We're back again and it's monday but, i'm sat here all smug as I have 3 weeks off work so it's the perfect opportunity for me to really give some much needed extra time to The Style Archive! Yesterday it was safe to say I had a bit of a chill out day before getting my head into more of a work work work mode for the next few weeks. Of course i'll be having the odd relax day here and there! ;) Anyway, enough of me continually mentioning my nice break for work and more about Lee Jeans!

Not so long ago a rather lovely email popped into my inbox asking if i'd like to be part of the #MoveYourLee campaign working with Asos. If you already follow me on instagram you may have seen (click here if not) a boomerang I recently uploaded wearing all the items (literally head to toe Lee apart from my shoes).

If you haven't already seen anything about the campaign, go and watch the short video clip here!

Photography by Joshua Grice
Charlotte x
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