21 November 2016

After looking at some of my most recent content, i've come to the conclusion I want to start making my blog more personal. I want YOU to start to get to know the girl behind the blog, behind the camera and behind the writing.

The day I started my blog all I intended was to share my personal outfits, but now I want to start pushing both fashion and personal content. I want to show you all a much more personal side to me and, with that said, I thought what better way to get the ball rolling than by sharing some weird and wonderful facts about myself!

1 - I'm annoyingly indecisive
2 - My middle name is Lucy
3 - I really really really hate mayonnaise
4 - I have an unhealthy obsession with Ellie Goulding
5 - My least favourite feature is my teeth (hence why I never smile on photos)
6 - I'm 5ft 8" and wear size 5 or 6 shoes
7 - When I find a song I love, I listen to it on repeat!
8 - I have a brother
9 - Everyone seems to love ham... apart from me
10 - When I went on a family holiday to Rome, I fell in to the Louis Vuitton window display...

11 - Full fat over diet every time!
12 - I once died my hair ginger (and by ginger, i mean pretty much orange)
13 - I share my birthday with Elijah Wood
14 - 90% of the time I eat dairy free! But chocolate is a huge weakness
15 - Up until recently, I had 0 cousins
16 - The last couple of years I've become a super anxious person
17 - I regularly tag my friends in videos of cats.. and dogs... because I really like cats and dogs
18 - Eczema has taken away a huge chunk of my self confidence
19 - I hate the sound of people cracking joints!
20 - I love steak. Gimme that medium rare

Please let me know the sort of content you'd like to see from any personal posts! :)

Charlotte x
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  1. I love this post! It's so nice to know more about people :) x

    Abi | abistreetx


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