25 November 2016

Prepare yourself for a pretty huuuugeeee post! 

It's the perfect time to get your hands on some bargains during the black friday sales, so I thought i'd make a pretty hefty post including some of my wardrobe essentials and some items i'm loving too! Let me help you... 
I've tried to include as much info as possible to make shopping black friday as easy as possible. Should I find anymore codes etc I'll post them on my twitter
R E T A I L E R S  &  P R O M O  C O D E S

Click the retailers name to shop!

Harvey Nichols
John Lewis
Matches Fashion
Selfridges - 20% off fashion & 10% off beauty with code 'selfcce'
ASOS - 20% off everything with code 'gogogo'
Topshop - up to 70% off
All Saints - 30% off with code 'cyber'
Urban Outfitters - buy one get one half price
La Redoute - 40% off with code 'blackfriday'
Missguided - 35% off student discount
River Island - up to 50% off
Mango - selected items in promo
Below i've chosen 5 key pieces that any wardrobe should have! Black friday and cyber monday are the perfect times to not only buy presents but, to grab yourself some new pieces too. Let's get goiiiinnngggg!

1 - P R I N T E D  S H I R T S

Photo by Joshua Grice
Whenever i'm not exactly feeling inspired by an outfit, i'll always go for a printed shirt. They're the perfect staple to give a plain outfit something that little extraaaaa! 
2 - A N K L E  B O O T S

Time and time again you'll see ankle boots featured in  my blog looks and there's a perfect explanation for it. It's pretty simple really, they go with bloody EVERYTHING and always look fab. What more can a girl want? (other than a puppy, half of Selfridges etc etc)
3 - B I K E R  J A C K E T S
Photo by Joshua Grice

If there's ever a better time to buy a new biker, it's now. A biker is the perfect staple in ANYBODY's wardrobe and I can honestly say I spend most of the year in leather jackets! Although they're pricey, they're investment pieces so why not save a little money on them whilst you can?!
4 - B L U E  J E A N S

Photo by Joshua Grice

Up until recently I was super hesitant with any blue jeans. Don't get me wrong i'm still uncertain every now and again but, that's because i've got stupidly used to living in black skinny jeans thanks to work. Both of the pairs above, I absolutely love and of course they're super easy to integrate into any wardrobe. I've tried to avoid skinny by going for a light wash mom jean or a boyfriend fit instead!
5 - L E O P A R D  P R I N T

Both photo's by Joshua Grice
If any of you read this post you'd know that this time last year, leopard print wouldn't be anywhere near me. 2016 has opened my eyes to a few different things and leopard print is definitely one of them (see my instagram for proof). I'm still very picky with colours and tones but leopard print really does give you that extra little bit of SASS! If you're scared of going full leopard print, maybe go for a black and white version?
I hope this helps! You work hard so why not get yourself a little somethin' if you're using some of these offers to christmas shop!

Charlotte x
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