17 September 2017

Good Morning there! I'm sat typing this whilst watching Pretty Little Liars (i've binge watched so i'm now on season 5...) and I keep getting distracted. I've been absolutely HOOKED from the first handful of episodes!! There's 7 seasons and I'm already dying to know who 'A' is, so please no spoilers...

First things first, thank you to Matt for these photos, i've linked to his work at the bottom of this post.  We shot them in a building of studios in Jewellery Quarter and just look at those windows. Jewellery Quarter is filled with beautiful old buildings like this one; I regularly dream of living in a flat with floor to ceiling windows like these. I'm aware I don't look like i'm dreaming of windows (or anything happy for that matter) but, i'll continue to work on that one for the future...

But, in the meantime, say hello to my new-ish Joseph blazer. A little while ago, I went down to the Custard Factory to a designer sample sale. Think Joseph, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander and many more; it was all there. After rummaging around for a while, I found this blazer somehow marked down by 75%! I'm super happy with it and I'd really recommend having a look at Joseph for staple pieces. 

I'm not normally one to go for double breasted blazers but it's the perfect fit and i'm a total sucker for the print. I feel like it's a real eighties throwback y'know? Think about this design emblazoned on curtains or carpets; something quiet extravagant but classic. That's exactly what this blazer it - the slightly-more-extravagant perfect classic.

I've teamed my blazer with a staple pair of Topshop mom jeans that I cut and frayed; I wanted to make it more of a casual look. So I've also thrown in an old blue shirt which really complements the tones of the jacket. I think though, i'd love to team it with a pastel or warm pink tone to really add some fun to the look, as well as a pop of colour. 

The Topshop boots are also an all time FAVE of mine. Looking at them you probably wouldn't think they'd be very comfortable when, in fact, they're quite the opposite. If I want to add some height to a look these are always my go to pair. They're super comfy and go with pretty much anything. 

Initially at full price I'm very aware that I may have hesitated. However, the more I read about the brand and see their products the more I understand about their brand ethos. The quality is insane and despite the high(er) price tag per piece, they're definitely investment pieces worth having in your wardrobe. Near enough every piece of their collection is a timeless staple. Below I've picked out some more of my favourite Joseph pieces. 

Charlotte x



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  1. I'm loving this look Charlotte, so so gorge! x


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