20 October 2017 Birmingham, UK

Well, bloody hell, it's a bit chilly isn't it? Let's just pretend like it isn't totally obvious these were shot before the cold weather shocked our systems... 


It appears I have a huge affinity for yellow of late. Whether it be a bright yellow or more of a mustard, send it my way. I love full colour blocks or also just splashes of colour like you can see on these jeans. I'm really trying to get more colour back into my wardrobe and I've found yellow such an easy colour to throw on. I know that could be said for a lot of colours but, there's something (don't ask me what) that's just drawn me to yellow items recently. So what better way is there to show you all my love for yellow than for me to stand in front of a yellow shutter? Duh.

Queue the jeans with coloured stripes and this dreamy silk top from Joseph. I've barely taken them off since I got them. Pull & Bear, you have excelled yourself with your seriously funky denim. I've never actually owned a pair of jeans from them before, I normally go for the usuals; Topshop, Levi's etc, but they fit like a dream. In comparison to the likes of American Apparel, they're not as high waisted as I'd like but, considering the price, they're a total steal. Just to be a pain, I'm pretty sure they're now sold out but I mean, when you look at them, they'd also probably be a superrrrr easy DIY! 

I want to continue to add more colour and print into my wardrobe as I'm going through a bit of a wardrobe loathing phase at the moment. There's far too many dark colours inside those doors and it's something I really want to change. I feel like the typical female; The phrase 'I have nothing to wear' is swirling around my mind and driving me slightly insane. SEND HELP. 

I need to find some key basics, but in colour alternatives and also really kick start a wardrobe I'm in love with. Of course it's not always going to be the case but it's something I'm keen to work on. I just want to switch things up a bit y'know? Now were heading into autumn winter, it's a perfect opportunity for me to get the ball rolling. Naturally my head RN is 'coats, coats and more coats' but, I really need to bring it back to basics, have a clear out and start a fresh! 

I'm going to have a clear out over on my depop but in the mean time, expect to see plennnnty more colour coming to the blog soon! 

Charlotte x



  1. Just beautiful Charlotte, so dang cool! x


  2. what a perfect back drop for the blouse, and such cool jeans too!!

    Laura | roseandweston.blogspot.co.uk


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