23 February 2018

There's nothing quite like waiting for spring to arrive is there? The sun is slowly but surely setting later each day and there's more blue skies to be seen. I don't know about you but I definitely feel a lot less nocturnal now that I actually manage to see some daylight outside the office walls. I guess we're also now surrounded by a ton of new season product and desperate to get the pins out, unless that's just me? 

I guess these photos say it all really - "wants to get her legs out but it's too cold, so she had to wear tights, a leather jacket AND a faux fur gilet" - something along those lines. But, you get my drift... I did however, think about matching this skirt with a similarly checked blazer but opted out last minute in fear of being too matchy-matchy

I love getting my legs out. Admittedly, mainly in much warmer climates because I can't deal with the thought of bare legs in the UK's current climate (I mean srsly though, what is with the current weather situation?! It's bloody freezing!) I actually really like this look despite the tights. Tights are one of those annoying convenience things aren't they, warm but ugly. Maybe I need to just invest in some funky tights rather than the plain Jane's OR maybe I just don't make tights look anywhere near as good as most people do? Before I total digress... and dare I say it, but this outfit made me feel almost powerful. A short skirt and stomping shoes to me says "I'm willing to be feminine BUT I'm also here to get. shit. done." God bless the pair of you. 

More skirts in my wardrobe would be wonderful but, if I'm totally honest, as stated in my last post, I'm a lazy dresser. I mean, putting a skirt on doesn't exactly take much effort but it does however take more brain power to style than jeans for example. With that said, looking back at these images, this skirt from Tobi has given me a polite kick up the arse to stop being so lazy ands to find more skirts that I can wear for tons of different occasions, rather than being heavily reliant on denim. 

I guess being check, this little number is simple enough to wear with tons of other things regardless of whether you want to jazz it up with some colour or stay more on the minimal side of things. 

I'm sat here writing this from the lovely Paddington station whilst waiting for Beth. By the time you've seen this post, I'll have seen Bon Iver for the seance time and I'm certain it will have been bloody amazing. In the meantime, go buy yourself some new skirts for the (hopefully) warmer spring/summer and get those pins out! 

Ciao, Charlotte x


Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Tobi but, as per, all opinions and styling 100% my own. 

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  1. Tartan skirt and Dr Martens, perfect combo <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo


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