16 March 2018

Y'know, sometimes this gal wants to just dress casual. Like, pretty darn casual. I mean, it was freezing cold outside when I shot this (pre snow I must admit) so I thought I'd layer this mega babe of a h&m top under a classic white shirt. I'm not normally a huge lover of a white shirt (and that's mainly because I'm too damn lazy to iron) but I really love the deep cuffs and slightly longer length of this one from Stradivarius. It's quite light weight so would be perffff in summer with a leather skirt for a night out with the girls or, pop it under a jumper for the current climate and you're good to go. I guess I should really think about rebooting my shirt-drobe, I need some more versatile, 'staple' pieces. 

I'm currently in the midst of a much needed denim reboot. I've been living in straight legs for a while, after my beloved American Apparel jeans finally gave up the fight, so I am very much ready to fall back in love with skinny jeans again. I also want to buy some new vintage denim, y'know a trusty pair of Levi's 501's to be precise, as I always love the wash. Finding the right pair can be a bit of a nightmare but once you find the right pair, they're in a whole league of their own. I've not massively experienced the denim world that's out there - considering I practically live in jeans - and I'd love for you to recommend me some different brands you think are worth looking into. I've heard really good thinks about Weekday and & Other Stories, so I'll maybe give them a visit. But, in the mean time, these trusty Topshop mom jeans are staying firmly attached. 

I find this time of a year a bit of a ball ache pain to dress for. It's sunny but there's bitter winds and before you know it, it's raining AGAIN. I don't know why I'm so shocked by that fact but, I guess that's also why I'm starting to look into layering a whole lot more. I'm really enjoying playing around with lengths too - y'know a long sleeve body under a short sleeve tee or a roll neck under a v-neck. I personally think layering adds that extra bit of interest, but what do YOU think? 

What, I guess, I'm trying to get at is the fact we should all experiment a bit more. Layering is a super easy way to add a focus or pops of colour to an outfit (or just to add a base layer so you don't freeze your tits off!) 


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